Black Friday 2018 Deals on Liberty Classroom, Tuttle Twins and Bluehost

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We’ve got a bunch of deals to launch in your direction.

In fact, we have so many that we thought it would be better to have just one landing page for you to check out. We will update this over the next few days as we become aware of or negotiate more deals for you.

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And, just in case you need some tips on how to survive the holidays with your statist family and friends, be sure to check out this video made by us and our fellow members of the Libertarian Union.

Here is a link to a full page spread version of our helpful guide:

The Libertarian Union Holiday Survival Guide

And without further ado, I bring you….the deals:

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom Black Friday special goes live this Friday. The first three buyers of the “Master Level” get a Read it For me Master membership.

[UPDATE:  The “Master” level membership, which is a one-time payment for a lifetime of access is heavily discounted to only $287.00 which is an amazing deal.  The deal starts on Friday, and runs through to Cyber Monday, ending at midnight Pacific Time.]

Here is a free membership to the basic level of

BlueHost web hosting is offering their best sale of the year:

Reasons to be thankful for our sale:
– Lowest rate of the year.
– The ability to boost your personal sale by promoting this deal.
– Your followers get access to industry-leading web hosting.

(NOTE:  the price will be lower than in the fancy banner ad above.)

[UPDATE: here are the details on the deal]

The deal is on Black Friday, November 23rd.
Use our link:

• Rates as low as $2.65/mo
• Select domains 50% off
• Top-of-the-line web hosting

If you buy on our link, we’ll be happy to offer you a little publicity in the form of a mention on the show as well as a backlink to your site from 4-5 of our websites.

Tuttle Twins – the Tuttle Twins just released their 9th book in the series and will be sure to have a Black Friday Deal. We will be posting the COUPON CODE once it gets released. Please use our link to make your purchase if you would like to support what we do here:

[UPDATE: the deal looks really great, you can pick up nearly $200 worth of books and activities for under $40!]

Amazon Kindles for kids – our kids got Kindles for their birthday this summer and they are frikken glued to those suckers. If you’ve got kids who are the right age (probably 3+) then you can get your hands on the newer version that is larger and already on their Black Friday Sale prices. We have two kids, so we bought the two pack.

Also, you’ve got the patience to try to get the PS4 1TB Slim with Spiderman, it’s an amazing deal at $199. I had to keep checking the site over a dozen times before it would let me complete the purchase, but peristence paid off.

More updates as they become available.

Thanks again for being a listener and supporter of the show.

Happy Holidays mofos!