Book – Never a Dull Moment: A Libertarian Look at the Sixties

Over 20 years after his death, a new Murray Rothbard book has been released! Compiled, edited and forwarded by Justin Raimondo, this book takes Muray’s essays from the 60’s regarding the events of the day. Often considered Murray’s “Left” Period for his aligning with certain left-leaning groups based on the common ground of being against the Vietnam war.

This book will help explain his thought at the times.

Here is the official description of the book:

For Murray Rothbard, libertarianism wasn’t an intellectual parlor game, nor was it a personal affectation: for him, it was a banner that was meant to be carried into battle. Ever the happy warrior, he sought to bring the radical libertarian perspective to bear on the events of the day, and it was a task he delighted in. From 1967 thru 1968, Rothbard churned out 58 columns for the Freedom Newspapers, addressing the campus revolt; the massive antiwar demonstrations; the Six-Day War between Israel and the Arab powers; the Newark riots; the Vietnam war; the persecution of H. Rap Brown, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the abdication of Lyndon Baines Johnson, the rise of Richard Nixon - in those two crucial years there was, as they say, never a dull moment.

 Here is an Amazon Link if you would like to purchase the book and support Read Rothbard at the same time:

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